CES 2021 was the first-ever all-digital Consumer Electronics Show, featuring over 100 hours of conference programming. To review this year’s highlights, we convened a panel of industry leaders and commentators to share their key takeaways and discuss where tech is going next. MediaVillage’s Jeff Minksy and journalist Todd Wasserman joined Sigura Water CMO Zdenek Kratky and Quigley-Simpson’s own Lothar Boensch and Carl Fremont for a wide-ranging dialogue about connected devices, virtual experiences and the future of CES itself.

  • CES 2021 was more of an evolutionary event than a revolutionary one. Despite the absence of a hero product, there were some interesting prototypes on display, including Razer’s Project Hazel “smart mask,” UV-light cleaning devices, and home products like the ColdSnap frozen treat machine.
  • Every company is a tech company now. Even CPG brands are developing IoT innovations and managing digital consumer journeys.
  • Value-add services will survive the pandemic. Jeff Minsky singles out new features like curbside pick-up and online ordering. “Anything that drives convenience, anything that’s really a value-add for the consumer, is going to stick.”
  • It’s all about experience. Despite continued advances, virtual sensory experiences can’t yet replicate in-theater or retail experiences, although quarantine continues to normalize digital-first delivery. The way forward for in-person entertainment will require a balancing act with online distribution. “Movie theaters are not about content; they’re about experience,” explains Kratky. “[They] have to continue to ensure that our journey as consumers is exciting, and it’s engaging, and it’s fun. That’s it’s worth it. When we’re not afraid to sit next to each other, we’ll still choose experiences that are worth it.”

Join our panelists for the whole talk!

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