NICOLE CUNNINGHAM, Associate Media Director AND Clothing Shop Owner

Q: How does each role affect the other? What is similar, and what’s different? 
A: Both roles share central themes of efficiency, effectiveness and client service. At Quigley-Simpson, we always put our clients first – and the same is true for my own clothing shop business, Canyon Vintage. Efficiency and effectiveness are a big part of this commitment, and certainly the cornerstone of top-notch media planning. For Canyon Vintage, I need to ensure that I’m sourcing and purchasing pieces at a profitable rate that still allows for me to return savings and strong value to my customers. Pre-pandemic, I was also able to find efficiencies by developing client relationships for my business in the same cities where I traveled for Quigley-Simpson media work, including NYC and Cincinnati. It was very convenient to pick up inventory on the tail end of media business trips. Ultimately, organizational precision is essential for both companies and both of my roles.

Q: What’s inspiring you today in your work or personal projects? 
A: Accountability and Sustainability. The push to use data to deliver actionable insights to our clients inspires me on a daily basis at Quigley-Simpson. Our process, from planning to execution, helps us ensure that we are spending our clients’ dollars in areas that work best for them, and that we are accountable for their results. The fashion industry is also now being pushed to be more accountable and sustainable. The fashion industry, especially fast fashion, is one of the largest polluting industries in the world. It emits more carbon than the airline and maritime cargo industries combined, and 85% of all textiles end up in the trash. All of the items that I source for Canyon Vintage are secondhand, meaning my shop saves cool pieces that may otherwise end up in the garbage. When you shop secondhand, you’re not only saving money compared to retail pricing, but you are also recycling. A big win in my mind!

Q: Where can we check out your personal work? 
 A: My online shop is currently hosted through Poshmark – username CanyonVintage. I specialize in vintage pieces from the 60s to 90s, vintage and non-vintage designer items and on-trend finds.

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