Taking a tough stance for the City of Los Angeles and the LAPD.

With domestic abuse on the rise, Mayor Garcetti doubled the number of Domestic Abuse Response Teams within LAPD divisions. To further bring about meaningful change, the city wanted a campaign that directed domestic violence victims and the general public to tools and resources to help break the cycle of violence.

We started with the insight that ads about domestic violence too often depict victims and bruises. So we asked ourselves: “What else does domestic violence look like?” Our answer was that it doesn’t look anything like love. We illustrated that disconnect by juxtaposing romantic conventions with the demeaning language of abuse. The contrast between romantic imagery and abusive words underscores the insidious nature of domestic violence and makes clear that it has no place in a relationship, or in the City of Los Angeles.

Since domestic violence affects every Los Angeles community—straight, gay, rich, poor, young and old—the campaign executions targeted a wide range of audiences.

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