Helping to Create a Spark Within Students

Connecting generations is an important endeavor. It’s a great opportunity to nurture young people and open their minds to the world ahead of them, while also learning a bit about ourselves in the process.

This Spring, 18 Quigley-ites volunteered a portion of their Tuesday afternoons for 13 weeks in support of the Spark Mentorship Program. The program paired agency mentors with 7th graders from John Adams Middle School. Paired based on common interests and the mentors’ skill sets, mentors and mentees worked together on a project exploring a subject of interest to the student.

Some of the projects undertaken included:

  1. Learning how to use a DSLR camera and creating a photography exhibit
  2. Creating a brand and designing a t-shirt line
  3. Studying the history and culture of Poland
  4. Researching art history through various eras
  5. Creating a new brand of ice cream, from design to making the product

The pairs worked within the walls of Quigley-Simpson, giving the kids the chance to interact with professionals, experience an office environment and an ad agency, and use some of our tools and technologies, like Adobe Creative Suite software and a professional-grade camera. Of course, the office kitchen proved to be equally popular with the students!

Finished projects were displayed on May 23rd at a citywide event with other Spark students at Dodger Stadium. Mentors attended to support their mentees as they presented to the Spark community at large.

We, as an agency, are extremely grateful to help open the door to learning opportunities that these kids might not otherwise experience, during a critical time in their lives—a time when they are just beginning to explore who they are and who they want to become. It was a thrilling experience for all to watch young minds being ignited and to see teenage intellect and creativity begin to blossom. Looking forward to our next Spark sessions, which begin in the fall!

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