The Ball Aluminum Cup

Some brands—and their products—possess such a strong sense of purpose that the simple act of being seen with them sends a message to the world. Such is the case with the infinitely recyclable Ball Aluminum Cup. When you drink from a Ball Aluminum Cup, you are doing more than making a responsible decision. You are making a statement—about your love for the planet, while also leveling up your beverage game. Based on the fact that people very often write their names on disposable cups to identify which is theirs, for the “Make a Statement” campaign we crafted fun, provocative statements hand-written on the cup itself. These give voice to the Ball Aluminum Cup and anyone who supports sustainability. Here, the medium IS the message—one sure to resonate with our Gen Z and younger millennial audience, who dislike being lectured to, even when it comes to the issues that matter to them.

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