Integrating all services under one roof, as one team, has always been our priority. Through a structured and collaborative delivery approach, we activate our marketing capabilities to craft insight-driven solutions that connect consumers to brands to drive awareness, acquisition, long-term customer loyalty, and revenue growth.

& Strategy

We embed insights into everything that we do. Our performance strategies are engineered to generate demand, fuel conversions, and build customer loyalty.

While most agencies focus solely on either upper-funnel awareness or lower-funnel demand, Quigley-Simpson addresses all parts of it, including the often-ignored middle funnel. Our teams are skilled at identifying brand, consumer, and business insights and at translating them into ideas that motivate demand across the purchase cycle, from prospecting and lead generation to new customer acquisition and long-term loyalty programs.

  • Audience & Industry Insights
  • Business Model Creation
  • Brand Strategy & Planning
  • Marketing & Channel Strategy
  • CRM Strategy
  • Go-to-Market Strategy

We ignite the hearts and minds of consumers through memorable, performance-driven creative across the entire purchase cycle.

When it comes to generating demand, brands cannot rely on an endless cycle of offers and promotions. That is why everything we create at Quigley-Simpson, from breakthrough awareness content to the smallest digital acquisition banner, is designed to inspire consumers and build meaningful brand connections.

Brands should not have to choose between agencies that deliver big, splashy ideas and those that deliver creative that drives consumers to action. At Quigley-Simpson, we develop powerful creative that finds and amplifies a brand’s voice and purpose. And then we activate that creative voice and purpose across every channel to deliver on awareness, acquisition, retention, and performance goals throughout the purchase cycle.

  • Big, Creative Ideas
  • Brand Identity
  • 360° Campaigns
  • Branded Content Strategy
  • Cross-Channel Production and Activation
  • Shoot Planning & Management
  • Production

We believe that media is the gateway that connects a brand to its audience through shared purpose.

Media serves as the conduit between discrete audiences and brands. Media is more complex, fragmented, and technology-enabled than ever before. Optimizing media investment mandates a team of specialists.

Our integrated media team comprises specialists across performance video, search, social, and programmatic buying platforms. We are fluent in multichannel planning, investment strategy, and in-platform activation—all powered by our data and analytics capabilities, allowing us to optimize at the speed of cultural change. Our approach spans the entire media marketplace, ensuring that we understand audience behavior at all touch points and that your connections plan reaches your audiences and drives media efficiency and growth.

  • Strategic Communications Planning
  • Identity Development
  • Investment Strategy and Management
  • Multichannel Planning
    • Television (DRTV, Reach-Based Efficiency)
    • Streaming Video (OTT)
    • Online Video
    • Radio/Podcasts
    • Outdoor
    • Online Display
    • Social Media
    • SEM/SEO
    • X-Channel Programmatic Buying
  • In-Platform Solutions (Search, Social, Programmatic Buying)
  • Campaign and Platform Audits
  • Multichannel Attribution
  • Campaign Operation Solutions


We deliver innovative omnichannel video solutions at performance media rates.

With over half a billion dollars in annual video billings across linear TV, OTT/CTV devices, and online video, our unique buying approach provides us with access to inventory and rates that give our clients a significant edge against their competitors.

  • Investment Scale Advantage
  • Opportunistic Inventory
  • Direct IO and Programmatic Buying
  • Advanced Attribution Modeling


We cut through the guesswork with powerful analytics solutions, using data and rigor to make the right investment decisions.

Data is ubiquitous and complex, providing unique opportunities to understand, target, and address audiences for brands. Our practice is forged in understanding the complete customer life cycle and the data needed to move your brand forward.

We utilize the latest technology to transfer, store, and analyze your data. We are experts in capturing customer signals across paid, owned, and earned channels and at leveraging these insights to answer critical business, consumer, and brand questions. We build custom measurement plans, coupled with testing road maps to align objectives across stakeholders.

  • Cross-Channel Attribution
  • GA Analysis
  • MTA & MMM
  • Brand Lift Measurement
  • Conversion Lag Analysis
  • Log-Level Analysis
  • LTV Modeling
  • Purchase Path Reports
  • Landing Page Analysis

We craft social media solutions to ignite brand awareness, influence consumer behaviors, and increase sales.

Over 50% of Generation Z and Millennials first learn about a brand’s products and services on social media. As the single most influential channel allowing marketers to learn about, reach, and engage customers, social media—including branded content and hyper-targeted promotions and offers—needs to be an integral part of your marketing strategy.

We combine social platform expertise, industry experience, and consumer research to uncover unique insights used to build custom audiences and design strategic campaigns. We activate social campaigns with inspired creative content across paid and organic channels and continually measure and optimize to achieve your performance goals.

  • Campaign Planning
  • Audience Development
  • Creative & Content Strategy
  • Production
  • Activation & Optimization
  • Social Listening
  • Influencer Partnerships


“Quigley-Simpson’s expertise in business strategy, CX, media planning, optimization, and technology was instrumental in successfully taking our innovative D2C ecommerce subscription platform from concept to Pilot launch, on-time and on-budget.”

Achin Kansal

Head of DTC, Sigura Water

We work with brands to plan, create, and deliver a commerce ecosystem that captures revenue opportunities across the entire purchase cycle.

Consumers move seamlessly across channels, media, and devices with different needs throughout the day. Brands that can offer consumers products and services in the context of when and where they are most needed—whether at home, in transit, or simply out in the world—will drive greater revenue and beat the competition.

Our integrated team of strategy, media, creative, and CX experts help you reach the most profitable audiences across the purchase cycle. We develop your e-commerce strategy based on brand, consumer, industry, and competitive insights. From there, we design the customer experience, build and activate the media plan, and define a go-to-market strategy that ensures success from launch to ongoing operations and continuous optimization.

  • E-commerce Strategy & Planning
  • Media Optimization & Analytics
  • Rapid Prototyping/Pilots
  • Marketplace Services
  • Content & Creative
  • Social Commerce


We create customer experiences that turn consumer needs into business opportunities.

Our Journey Teams are integrated groups of researchers, business strategists, CX designers, brand experts, and technologists who align consumer needs with your brand purpose to create critical moments of connection. We understand that your brand is only as strong as the customer experiences it provides. That’s why we design each customer interaction to engage, convert, and drive brand loyalty.

  • Consumer & Industry Insights
  • Competitive Analysis
  • User Experience Design
  • Service Design
  • UX & Accessibility Audits
  • Content Strategy
  • Persona Creation
  • Journey Mapping
  • Wireframing & Prototyping