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We are proud of our agency culture, which, since our founding, has been built on the principles of diversity and inclusion. And we walk the walk, ensuring meaningful representation in our talent across all genders, races and ethnicities at every level. We stand by equality for all, and against racism and hatred toward any individual or community. Diversity of thought is welcome here, and we are proud to be a true reflection of where we live.

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As a woman-owned business, it’s in our DNA to prioritize diversity and inclusion, both in the office and on the set. We’re proud of the effort we’ve always made to push for representation in the productions we manage on behalf of our clients—both in front of and behind the camera.



We are proud of the good we do for our community. Our employees are encouraged to participate in various charitable endeavors that impact our community—and we support them in doing so by sponsoring and facilitating initiatives that impact people, animals and the environment.

Together, we support the fight to end women’s cancers, provide scholarships that help support women in the arts, and supply much-needed comfort and cheer to our furry friends, with annual animal shelter drives and contributions to wildlife welfare organizations.

Our partnership with the Spark Mentorship Program goes back several years. Pairing our employees with middle schoolers from underserved L.A. communities, the program lets kids explore what various careers in advertising look like. They shadow us, meet our colleagues and hear about our jobs. And we nurture and support their creativity and growth through a months-long project. We believe it’s an important step in opening the door to advertising a bit wider.

We also provide valuable pro bono marketing support to nonprofits that service some of California’s most vulnerable environments and populations, such as the Los Angeles Fire Department and the California Wildlife Center.

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We believe in minimizing our environmental impact wherever possible. To this end, we:

  • Provide subsidies for employees who carpool
  • Significantly minimize our paper consumption through the implementation of digital and various paperless and recycling initiatives
  • Aim to reduce the use of single-use plastic by issuing reusable water bottles to employees
  • Reduce consumption of energy by having after- hours business lights, and having power that only turns on by the specific zone in use
  • Work with vendors and suppliers that maintain active corporate-responsibility programs


Operating in a responsible, ethical and sustainable manner is important to us at Quigley-Simpson. We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional, professional advertising agency services—and doing so with integrity and creativity. This means providing a culture in which people and the environment are treated with respect—always.

This CSR is issued in conjunction with, and incorporates, other related Quigley-Simpson policies:

• Conflict of Interest Policy
• Equal Opportunity & Anti-Discrimination Policy
• Environmental Policy
• Harassment Prevention Policy

A. Labor Standards

Quigley-Simpson complies with the labor laws of California, where we are headquartered and where most of our staff is based. We also comply with U.S. federal labor law. We provide a generous amount of paid time off to our employees, in keeping with industry standards. We follow, and often exceed, the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code of Conduct outlined below for labor standards. The ETI is an alliance of companies, non-governmental organizations and trade unions committed to working together to identify and promote best practices in the implementation of labor code practices, which are based on the International Labor Organization (ILO) Conventions.

• Employment is freely chosen
• Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected
• Working conditions are safe and hygienic
• Child labor is not used
• Fair wages are paid
• Working hours comply with applicable laws and benchmark industry standards
• No discrimination is practiced
• No inhumane treatment is allowed

B. Environmental Standards

Quigley-Simpson is committed to achieving the highest standards of environmental responsibility. Minimizing our environmental impact and behaving in a socially conscious manner is of paramount importance to all of us. To that end, we support and undertake initiatives to address:

• Sustainable paper sourcing and paperless office initiatives
• Subsidies for carpooling
• Recycling programs
• Energy Conservation

C. Business Ethics and Transparency

Quigley-Simpson is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and corporate governance practices. By doing so, we can maintain excellence in our daily operations, and promote the confidence of those who work with, and for, us.

• Quigley-Simpson conducts business in an open, honest, and ethical manner.
• Quigley-Simpson recognizes the importance of protecting our human, financial, physical, informational, social, environmental, and reputational assets.
• Quigley-Simpson advises partners, contractors, and suppliers of our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, and will work with them to achieve consistency with this policy.

D. Quigley-Simpson’s Code of Conduct for Suppliers

We expect our suppliers to strive toward compliance with the labor and environmental standards that we adhere to, both in their own companies and with their suppliers. Quigley-Simpson expects suppliers to:

• Accept responsibility for labor and environmental conditions under which products are made and services provided. This includes all work contracted or sub-contracted.
• Assign responsibility for the development and implementation of these standards to a senior manager.

E. CSR Compliance

Concerns or complaints that our Corporate Social Responsibility standards are not being adhered to should be addressed to info@quigleysimpson.com 

A fair and objective evaluation and investigation will be promptly conducted and appropriate action, consistent with this CSR and applicable law, will be taken.

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