Carl Fremont: “Back to the Future” With Brand and Demand

Quigley-Simpson CEO Carl Fremont guests this week on The Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast, presented by Converge. He sat down with host Rob Kischuk to discuss our agency roots in direct response, the evolution of consumer electronics from devices to utilities, and why building brand image isn’t enough for today’s consumers.

“I think today, brands need to go beyond just their features and benefits of building a brand’s image. Today, that also includes building purposeful meaning behind the brand and thinking about what the brand means from a social side. How is it giving back? It’s not just about creating that image and awareness and association. It’s purposeful marketing. What does the brand stand for, for me?”

Reflecting on his almost 40 years in the business, Carl also reveals the secret to his longevity: curiosity.

“You’ve got to be looking always at every year as a new year. The brands and marketers I’ve worked with and had the most success with never look at one year as the same. Every year is a new opportunity and a new way to accelerate growth. There’s never a repeat. It’s always, what are we doing now? What’s new? It’s a constant evolution. You’re never done. You’re always evolving.” Read more at Converge HQ:

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