Q: How does each role affect the other? What is similar, What’s different?
A: I have released two full-length albums and a single. Time spent in the recording studio is my happy place. It’s a place where creativity can flourish, starting with a blank canvas and layering sounds on separate tracks to eventually create the final piece. I find that because I have experience working in the recording studio, I can provide adept creative and/or production feedback to our content partners to improve audio and/or video assets for our clients.

I consider one of the important aspects of my role as Marketing Manager to be the ability to communicate clearly in order to relay information to clients, partners and to our internal teams. I carefully choose those words that most effectively communicate what I need to convey as both a songwriter and in my role as Marketing Manager for branded content.

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How it started
My love of music started when I was very young, listening to my mom’s record collection, which included artists and bands like Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Joan Baez, Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Cat Stevens and others. Their ability to weave melodies and lyrics together to create songs fascinated me. When I realized songs communicated universal ideas and could reveal stories, I was completely blown away. I studied the songs of songwriters I admired and tried to understand song structure, rhythms, major/minor chord progressions and the underlying messages within the songs. I taught myself to play an acoustic guitar (not a musician by any stretch; I can’t read music)—I know just enough to get by and play to accompany my writing.

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Q: What’s inspiring you today in your work or personal projects?
A: I love words. Particularly a well-crafted phrase. And most of all, a well-crafted phrase married with a melody that imparts a universal truth that moves me to feel something, connecting me to others sharing a common human experience.

What I love about working on branded content with our partners and the team at Quigley-Simpson is that together we are creating well-crafted stories that pull audiences away from the day-to-day routine and inspire curiosity. What inspires me about this work is that when we are doing it right, we are creating stories that reach people on a personal level and make them feel something—whether it’s with humor, passion or poignant moments revealing a universal truth. You might say both music and marketing are means of communication, with language that at its best connects people to each other and the world.

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Q: Where can we check out your personal work?

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