CEO Carl Fremont on the 5 Keys for Successful E-Commerce

CEO Carl Fremont built his career around developing the direct relationship between brand and consumer. In an interview with Authority Magazine, he examines the e-commerce boom under COVID and why customer service remains a critical piece of the brand experience.

“I think too many founders don’t look at the entire customer experience. They focus on one part, whether that is acquiring customers or marketing the product, but the ecosystem of any e-commerce business is vast. Customers must become aware of the brand (marketing), they must be able to convert that awareness to purchase (front-end e-commerce site), they must get their product in a timely manner (order fulfillment and infrastructure), and they must have positive experiences after sales (customer relations and CRM). Many companies get it wrong because they don’t look to connect all of these components of the consumer experience.

“They also need to realize that the consumer experience doesn’t have to be static—it should evolve over time as consumers interface with your brand. Test what works and change what doesn’t.”

Read Carl’s five keys for e-commerce success here.

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