CEO Carl Fremont in AdAge: What Today’s Marketers Can Learn From the Direct Mail Era

CEO Carl Fremont mines his long history in the industry for learnings that can guide marketers today. In his latest editorial for AdAge, he reflects on how direct mail provided an effective if laborious testing ground for audience and messaging tactics, and encourages marketers to look beyond one-and-done trials in order to adopt a continuous testing approach instead.

“Testing is more than just access to the data. Brands need to identify their key performance indicators and start with clear goals and objectives. Testing also requires a bit of bravado (or, as I call it, chutzpah) because it costs money. Marketers have to commit to putting some short-term revenue at risk for the longer-term gains of learning what performs best before investing the budget into rolling it out.”

Click over to AdAge to check out Carl’s six steps for testing.

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